What are some common types of construction defects?

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In a perfect world, commercial construction projects would be completed exactly how the parties to the project envision them. However, when project owners, contractors and subcontractors in Louisiana combine efforts in a commercial construction project, things do not always run as smoothly as they might hope. There are a variety of construction defects that could arise in the course of completing a construction project.

One type of defect is a design deficiency. For example, an architect or engineer may design a building that does not meet state codes.

Another type of defect is a material deficiency. This involves the use of subpar building materials that result in issues with the performance or function of various parts of a building, even if those parts were installed correctly.

Then there are construction deficiencies. These take place when the party constructing the building uses poor workmanship, resulting in defects. There are also subsurface deficiencies. For example, if a foundation is not placed in a manner that is appropriate given the subsurface conditions, it could result in issues such as cracked foundations or inadequate drainage.

These are only a few examples of construction defects that could arise in the course of a commercial construction project. Ultimately, it is up to all parties to a project to perform their duties in a manner that meets the applicable standard of care. When that doesn’t happen, it could slow down a construction project, costing the other parties both time and money. Fortunately, professional legal help is available to those who are experiencing construction defects and need a resolution.