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Defending a military construction or government fraud claim

Any military or government contractor is likely well aware of the risks involved when taking on such enormous contracts. Most, understandably so, are backed by a highly skilled legal team ready and waiting to defend any type of fraud or false claim case that may arise.

Construction defects: When your contractor is held responsible

Construction projects involve many moving parts. From planning to preparation to execution, you expect that your hired contractors uphold their individual responsibilities to create a stable, secure project. Unfortunately, mistakes often occur in the construction industry, and obtaining compensation relies heavily on discovering whose fault caused the mistake.

Drafting a commercial lease

Commercial leases often require more details and negotiations than a simple residential lease. A commercial property owner has a few more bases to cover. It is important that any lease is clearly written, with well-defined parameters, so as to protect both the property owner and the tenant.

Statutes of limitations and repose in construction law

The construction and real estate businesses are inherently risky. Developers, builders and the many other parties involved in a medium- or large-sized construction project must spend large amounts of money on materials, labor and other costs, and they often must do all this on credit. Any legal dispute can mean serious financial problems.

Representation for construction project development

Construction project development is not for the faint of heart, to put it mildly. Such is a far more complex process than simply filling out a few documents. When making the decision to undertake such a job, a developer would be well advised to make it his or her first priority to consult with an experienced construction law team. This one step can save hours and hours of delays, denials, and headaches in general. An article published by Small Business Trendsetters discusses the benefits of hiring a construction project manager, which differs from a construction site manager.

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