Pursuing a satisfactory resolution to construction defect claims

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A construction project in Louisiana can involve many parties, including the project owner, designers, lenders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and even government agencies, to name a few. All these parties must work together to make the project a success. Sometimes, however, a party does not competently fulfill their duties, leading to construction defects.

For example, poor design or craftsmanship on the part of a designer, contractor or subcontractor could lead to structural defects. Sometimes a builder does not conform to government regulations regarding the construction of the building. Or, a supplier could provide the builder with shoddy materials that lead to the growth of toxic mold or other defects.

At our firm, we understand that when there is a construction defect, the aggrieved party may need to take legal action. Many disputes involving construction defects can be resolved through mediation or arbitration. If so, it could lead to a result that all parties are satisfied with, allowing the project to move forward on the right foot. However, sometimes negotiations fail, and a case must be litigated.

Construction defects can slow down or put a complete halt to construction projects. Oftentimes an aggrieved party must take on extra costs to remedy the defect. This can cost the aggrieved party a lot in time and money. However, with the assistance of construction law professionals, it may be possible to reach a resolution to their construction law claims in a productive manner. Our firm’s webpage on construction defects may be of assistance to those who are interested in learning more about how attorneys can assist clients with construction law claims.