Baton Rouge Public Finance Lawyer

Baton Rouge Public Finance Lawyer

Baton Rouge Public Finance Attorney

Louisiana’s state government, along with its cities, counties, school districts and redevelopment agencies, often requires legal representation when financing major projects. This financing is typically achieved by securing bonds from issuers such as:

  • The Louisiana Community Development Authority
  • The Louisiana Public Facilities Authority
  • Banks

The experienced Baton Rouge public finance attorneys at Dunlap Fiore, LLC, provide experienced counsel and representation to municipalities and bond issuers at any stage of the public financing process. Our firm has been listed by the “Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace” (the Red Book) as nationally recognized bond counsel — speak with us today to learn about our services and how we can help.

Municipal And Community Development Bond Counsel In Louisiana

Our municipal bond attorney and public financing bond lawyers help bond issuers and bondholders draft financing agreements for projects such as:

  • Economic development projects
  • Public housing
  • Roadwork
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Educational buildings
  • Parks
  • Prisons
  • Many others

Municipalities and economic development agencies in Baton Rouge typically secure financing through the issuance of general obligation bonds and revenue bonds, although other options might be available.

Contact Our Baton Rouge Public Finance Lawyers

Our firm will help you structure agreement and to document all aspects of the bond, including its validity and any tax implications. We will ensure each party knows and understands its responsibilities to prevent complications from arising in the future.

Dunlap Fiore, LLC, can be reached via an online contact form or by phone at 225-282-0660 or 888-415-9150. We look forward to assisting you with your legal situation.