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How to select the best business form for your business

Selecting the best business form for your business is important for a variety of reasons and should be carefully thought out. Not taking business form selection seriously can lead to potential problems down the road so entrepreneurs should view their selection with importance.

Common construction defects to avoid

Because construction defects can be costly for contractors and developers, it is helpful for them to have an idea how to avoid them, what are some common construction defects and the problems they can lead to. Additionally, it is helpful for them to also be familiar with the legal resources available to help them in circumstances of a construction defect.

The importance of construction law resources

Construction law can be an unquestionably complex area of the law but an area of the law that is also important to understand when caught up in a construction dispute or situation involving construction defects. A variety of parties may be involved in a construction dispute and it is important that they all have a working understanding and knowledge of construction law when facing a construction dispute.

What can you do if you find a construction defect?

You’ve been looking forward to your new home for a long time. You deliberated over renderings and floor plans before finally deciding on the best one for your family. After the hectic activity of moving in, you’re ready to enjoy your new home. Then, you notice some discoloration on the kitchen wall. Upon further inspection, you realize that the drywall is moist. A plumber explains that the water supply hookup was completed incorrectly, causing significant damage.

Understanding time limits in construction defects cases

This blog recently discussed the types of construction defects that can potentially lead to lawsuits. Another related area of the law it is important to be familiar with concerning construction defects are the time limits that can apply to these types of claims. Construction defects claims may be brought against architects, designers, contractors and subcontractors.

What types of construction defects can lead to lawsuits?

A construction defects lawsuit is not one that most builders, contractors or homeowners would like to face. When parties consider how to protect themselves it helps to know what different types of construction defects there are and to understand when a construction defect may lead to a lawsuit.

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