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Patent versus latent construction defects

A construction project in Louisiana can be a complex affair involving many parties doing many different tasks. As such, it is sometimes the case that construction defects occur. A construction defect is something that goes wrong in the construction process that causes some aspect of the structure to fail in a way that causes another party to suffer financially.

Why might some Louisianans be interested in franchising?

Some people in Louisiana may want to establish a business, but they may not want to have to build their enterprise from the ground up. After all, establishing a business as a sole proprietor is a large undertaking and there is no guarantee of success. However, one option that may be available to some is franchising. For those who don't want to start a business from scratch, franchising may be the right move for them.

What are some common types of construction defects?

While a lot of work and planning may take place when a company erects a structure in Louisiana, that doesn't mean mistakes won't be made. Sometimes a construction defect takes place that compromises the safety, stability and ultimately the usability of the structure. Construction defects can be divided into four general categories: design defects, material defects, construction defects and subsurface defects.

Many business law transactions fall under the umbrella of merger

Sometimes two businesses in Louisiana will decide that it would benefit them both financially to join forces and consolidate, in what is generally called a merger. While mergers often involve large companies, it is important to note that even small businesses can be parties to a merger. Moreover, there are numerous transactions that fall under the umbrella of a merger.

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