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Allegations of construction defects must be strongly defended

Louisiana construction is a booming business in the public and private sector, commercial and residential. Companies that provide a variety of services in the construction industry will seek to maintain and expand their business by doing quality work. Of course, every business requires legal protection from allegations of errors or construction defects. These happen quite often. When working in this industry, it is imperative to have that strong defense if the issue in dispute is not the fault of the construction company as there are multiple negative impacts that can come from a legal filing.

Not paid for construction work? Consider filing a mechanic’s lien

Receiving payment for a construction project can be difficult. If you are a subcontractor or material supplier, you probably rely on a third party to provide your payment. While a property owner might pay a general contractor, you might not always receive your part of the check. If this happens to you, consider filing a mechanic’s lien on the property.

A business law firm can help in deciding on a corporation vs. LLC

Starting a business in Louisiana is a difficult endeavor. Simply formulating a product or service that customers will purchase and use is hard enough without thinking about the aspects of business law that must be addressed. However, they must be considered as even the most viable idea for a business can be hindered or outright ruined by failing to use the correct business form. Knowing whether a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC) is preferable is a key decision.

Help firm is needed when facing a lawsuit

When doing business in Louisiana, it is unavoidable that there will be occasional complaints from others for various reasons. Some can come from clients, others can come from competing businesses, still others can come from partners. Litigation for allegations of violating the law can be even more harmful than a lawsuit stemming from a business dispute. In many instances, these lawsuits come from a person or entity seeking compensation for questionable justifications. In these cases, it becomes even more vital to have legal assistance from a law firm experienced in business law.

Construction defects lead to lawsuit against subcontractor

There is no shortage of large construction projects in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana. Inevitably, there will be issues with these projects. Some are small and can be settled relatively easily without legal intervention. Others, however, blossom into larger-scale disputes and a lawsuit is filed. For the entity being sued, formulating a strong defense for allegations of construction defects and mistakes is not only important in the moment, but it can be critical to the future. A law firm that specializes in defending construction companies facing these complaints is imperative.

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