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What is required to form a contract in Louisiana?

A construction project in Louisiana involves many entities, including the commercial property owner, the contractor, various subcontractors, and even financial institutions if the property owner took out a loan to purchase the premises. All these entities have one thing in common: they likely entered into a contract in the process of executing the construction project. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what it takes to form a legally-binding and enforceable contract.

Why might Louisiana contractors benefit from subcontracting?

Construction projects can be complex undertakings involving many parties. Of course, there is the property owner, but in addition there are usually general contractors and third-party subcontractors involved in these projects. It is important to understand the roles general contractors and subcontractors play in the execution of a construction project in Louisiana, as their classification may have significant legal ramifications.

Don't wait too long to bring a construction defect claim

When a Louisiana business hires construction contractors to erect a building, or when a contractor works with a subcontractor to complete a construction project, it is expected that there will be no defects in the final structure. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made or unsafe short-cuts are taken that lead to construction defects. Businesses, contractors, and subcontractors in such situations may wish to take legal action against the responsible parties. However, they should keep in mind that they have a limited amount of time in which to do so.

What if construction defects lead to toxic mold?

When there are construction defects in Louisiana, there are times when a simple call to the company that built the structure or worked on it can be called to fix it and there is no dispute, no disagreement, and no need to file a lawsuit. However, there are certain issues that are dangerous and can cause injuries and illness. One that should be concerning and might warrant a legal filing is toxic mold.

Can business law help me protect my trade secrets?

Innovation is a goal for every business in Louisiana and around the world. In today's world, however, with many people trying to come up with the next great idea, it is important to protect one's interests as much as possible. This is to ensure that the profits go to the person or entity that created the idea and put it into action rather than having someone else take advantage of information becoming public and taking it for their own. A big reason why many people have lost out on the benefits of their idea or creation is a failure to understand basic aspects of business law and how to protect trade secrets. This is a vital step and a law firm that understands all aspects of business can help.

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