Baton Rouge Litigation Lawyer

Baton Rouge Litigation Lawyer

Baton Rouge Litigation Attorney

Our clients value experience in the courtroom and the straightforward, proactive approach we bring to litigated matters. If an assertive approach is needed, we can be aggressive to achieve results.

Dunlap Fiore, LLC, is your source for experienced and practical legal representation. Our Baton Rouge law firm represents a wide range of clients in business law, construction law and litigation matters. From local small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies, we are committed to handling your litigation matters with assertive representation. Our skilled litigation attorneys have extensive litigation experience involving:

Handling Matters In State And Federal Courts

There are positive and negative aspects of the litigation process in Baton Rouge. Before pursuing a case in litigation, we work directly with our clients to determine if this is the most cost-effective approach for their situation. If it is, we will aggressively advocate on their behalf. In some cases, we may be willing to take your cases on a contingency fee basis depending on the facts.

Our attorneys have handled litigation matters in both the state and federal court systems, and have extensive appellate experience. Over the years, we have gained credibility with local judges and insight into the techniques needed to achieve successful results in the courtroom.

To achieve successful results in the courtroom, we take time to extensively prepare for our cases. Part of the preparation process involves meetings with our clients where we take time to fully understand the elements of their case. We work very hard to create meaning in our relationships with clients because we truly value the outcome of their case.

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