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Woman claiming racial discrimination sparks business law filing

For Louisiana businesses, the current climate in which people are lodging a seemingly record number of complaints about mistreatment on the job carries with it a dual-edged sword. On one side, they do not want to appear insensitive to allegations of discrimination, harassment and other legal violations. On the other, they need to protect themselves from incidents that would otherwise be ignored and are relatively innocuous. It is a difficult road to navigate, but when there are allegations of wrongdoing, having a strong legal defense is crucial.

Famed actor's charity faces construction defects lawsuit

It is not unusual for prominent people to try to help when there is a natural disaster or major incident that leaves people in need of shelter. In Louisiana, the mere mention of Hurricane Katrina brings back terrible memories. That storm led to a great number of displaced people. Many entities and individuals took steps to help them. While that help is undoubtedly appreciated, that does not mean all will be well simply because assistance was given. If there are homes constructed and there are defects, whether it was done for a good cause or not will have little to do with a construction defects lawsuit being filed. Knowing how to defend against the allegations is imperative.

Rising material costs impact construction industry

San Diego’s building boom is at risk of a slowdown as material costs increase. Construction materials, such as steel and aluminum, continue to rise in price due tariff percentages. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, construction projects may see additional costs this year, up to millions. Besides prices and upfront costs, the industry is seeing a shortage of skilled workers.

The basics of scope of work disputes

Rarely is every job on the worksite done by the general contractor. Many elements of these projects like plumbing and electrical are, in fact, handled by subcontractors. With so many different groups working on one site, it is a simple reality that there may be conflicts during and after the construction process. One of those, and arguably the most common, is a scope of work dispute.

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

An individual in the United States who is selling a franchise of any kind is required to provide a potential buyer with what is known as a Franchise Disclosure Document. The purpose of this document is to inform a potential franchisee of all pertinent information so as to allow them to make a thorough, well-informed decision regarding a large investment.

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