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What happens under construction law if a contractor is not paid?

A mechanic's lien is an important aspect of construction projects in Baton Rouge. Mechanic's liens serve as a guaranty that builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and construction firms will be paid for the work they do before any other claims are satisfied, should the property be foreclosed upon or repossessed.

Four questions to answer before signing a commercial lease

Signing a commercial lease is not something to be taken lightly. Finding a space that works for your business can help you prosper. You want to make sure you negotiate a fair lease agreement. Certain terms could hurt your ability to grow or hurt your business financially. Here are four questions you should consider before you sign your lease.

Tips for Louisiana businesses that have decided to dissolve

An entrepreneur in Louisiana may cultivate and grow a business for many years. However, for a variety of reasons, they may reach a point where they decide that it is best to close their doors. Having an exit strategy in such situations is imperative to ensuring that the process of closing your business runs smoothly and effectively, and that it complies with all applicable business laws.

When is it necessary for contractors in Louisiana to be licensed?

In general, contractors for commercial construction projects in Louisiana will hire subcontractors to perform various tasks. This ensures that these tasks are completed by those with specialized training and knowledge. However, it is also important that contractors have the requisite licenses under Louisiana construction law before work on the project begins.

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