Veterans can get help with business start-ups in new program

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There are many different companies in Louisiana that do all they can to help our military veterans. Over the last several years many people throughout the country have become more aware of the issues that veterans face upon leaving military service, especially those who have served in combat overseas. That is why it can be uplifting and encouraging to see efforts to help these brave individuals.

According to a recent report, a new statewide program is getting ready to launch with an aim to help military veterans start their own businesses. The program, which is called the “Louisiana Veteran Entrepreneurship Program,” will be set up to help train veterans who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in Louisiana.

The recent report indicates that over 100 veterans will go through the training program in the first year. In addition to providing training, the program also aims to raise millions of dollars that could be used as start-up funds for the veterans who go through the program.

Nothing is better than helping those who have served our country get a leg up on starting and maintain profitable businesses in Louisiana. Hopefully in the course of the training program these veterans will also receive detailed information about the potential business law issues that can occur when an individual is running a company. Training and preparing for these potential problems makes good sense, just as it does to train and prepare in the military. Being prepared is oftentimes the best form of preventative practice.

Source: Silicon Bayou News, “Louisiana Launches Business Startup Program for Veterans,” Julia Ballard, June 2, 2017