An overview of construction defects

Construction litigation can be a difficult issue for companies in Louisiana to approach. These sorts of disputes can be highly technical in nature, oftentimes resulting in complex litigation. In many cases, construction defects are the heart of the issue.

Construction defects can arise from a number of issues. Defects in the workmanship on the project are a common cause, as is the use of defective materials. In some cases, the defect can be traced all the way back to the design of the project. Defects can arise due to a failure to act or by a mistake being made in the construction process.

The hope, obviously, is that the existence of any defects in a project are revealed in inspections that take place during the construction phase. When defects are detected at this point in the timeline they will probably be correctable, albeit with extra expense being placed on one party or another. However, sometimes defects are not found until after it is too late and the project is completed. These are known as “latent” construction defects. Cases that involve latent defects can be especially complicated.

Businesses involved in the construction industry in Louisiana need to know how big of an issue construction defects can be. They can shut down a project entirely, or at least result in significant delays and extra costs. When companies get involved in construction litigation, they need to make sure that they have the right approach to getting the case resolved. Then, hopefully, the project can continue as originally planned.

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