Reducing employer liability with a driver safety program

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Employers in Louisiana and elsewhere have to take certain steps to meet the needs of their employees. This does not only serve to protect the health and wellbeing of the employees but also protects an employer from an employer liability claim. By taking the initiative to implement specific programs in the workplace, information and guidelines could be shared among employees. This step could also help to protect from a lawsuit if certain incidents or accidents occur in the workplace.

Employer liability could occur when an employee is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident. Such actions could occur if an employee is injured while they are both on and off the job. However, this is not the case for all employees and employers. For example, the likelihood of employer liability occurring due to an automobile accident is higher in industries involving a large fleet of vehicles, mobile sales forces or employees with long commutes.

Based on recent statistics, every 12 seconds, someone dies in a motor vehicle accident while, every 10 seconds, someone is injured in an automobile collision. Because a car accident occurs every five seconds, employers who employ workers who travel long distances to get to work or drive to fulfill their work duties, it is important to implement a driver safety program. Taking such a step could help reduce the risks faced by employees and protect the company from possible employment litigation issues arising from the incident.

The major reasons to implement a driver safety program is to save lives and reduce the risk of serious and fatal injuries within the workforce. However, it also works to protect the company’s human and financial resources and helps guard against potential company liability associated with the incident.

Businesses in Louisiana dealing with this or other business law issues should become aware of their matter and ways to resolve their issues. Taking timely and informed steps not only helps protect the interests of the company but also helps to reduce any disruptions to the business.

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