Problems with wild animals leads to business dispute

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For most companies in Louisiana, it is important to have the right space to conduct business. Retail locations, industrial parks and office space are just some examples of the needs that many companies face. And, when the space in question is provided by another business who then collects rent, there is likely an expectation in the agreement that the owner company will comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Unfortunately for one company in Louisiana, that wasn’t the case. Business litigation is now the result.

A recent report details how Trainque Group LLC, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, is suing Johnson Storage & Moving Co. LLC for breach of contract. How did the defendant breach the contract? According to documentation, the plaintiff claims that wild animals were partly to blame and the defendant’s failure to take care of the issue was the other part.

According to the report, the plaintiff notified the property owner that wild animals were getting stuck in the building’s ceiling, where they would later die. The defendant allegedly breached their duty by failing to timely address those concerns and make attempts to ensure that the problem was corrected. In the end, the plaintiff alleges that its company was forced to leave the property.

This recent report just goes to show that there can be a wide variety of reasons for business litigation to erupt. When two parties enter into a contract, both sides expect full compliance at the start. If the bargain doesn’t hold up, the parties could end up in court over business law disagreements.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Company alleges storage business failed to monitor wild animals,” Carrie Bradon, March 17, 2017