Facing a multitude of construction litigation issues

The construction industry is beginning to see the turnaround in the national economy. Building both commercial and residential structures is starting to pick up again after years of slow growth. This is, obviously, a good thing – for the most part. The unfortunate reality of an increase in construction is the likelihood of a concurrent increase in construction litigation.

And, when it comes to construction litigation, there can seem to be no end to the potential problems that companies in Louisiana might face. Construction delays and defects can put an entire project in jeopardy, and controversies with engineers and subcontractors can be serious problems as well.

The key to getting through a construction dispute is to have the right approach. If litigation is necessary that’s fine, but many disputes can be resolved with creative solutions that involve all of the sides getting together to reach a result that benefits everyone and gets the project back on track.

At our law firm, we do our best to help businesses in Louisiana get through any problems that might jeopardize a construction project and bog a company down in endless litigation. Complex construction disputes require an understanding of the complex – but attainable – solutions that might be available. It is important for construction companies in Louisiana not to get bogged down in public bid law disputes, payment disputes or regulatory issues. For more information about how our law firm might be able to help your Louisiana business, please visit the construction law overview section of our website.