Complex construction disputes require a careful understanding

Construction litigation can be especially complex in the world of litigation. Construction contracts, projects and disputes can present a number of unique challenges. One aspect of the inherent complexity contained in construction contracts, projects and disputes is that a number of different parties may be involved, including project owners, construction lenders, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors and equipment and materials suppliers.

There are different types of disputes that may arise associated with construction contracts and projects. Construction defects can include defective work, defective design or structural defects claims. Non-conforming work may be an additional area of concern. Claims for additional work, unforeseen and changed conditions or withheld payments may also lead to disputes and additional disputes may additionally concern delay and lien claims. In addition, defective bid claims, regulatory concerns and termination disputes may arise, among other types of disputes that may arise

It is important to know how to effectively approach the different issues that may arise along the way related to construction contracts, projects andcomplex construction disputes. Just as in the construction industry wherein a hammer is not used for all jobs, different legal tools may be used to achieve the best outcome possible in the circumstances given the circumstances, goals and needs of the parties involved.

Depending on the nature of the situation, it may be useful to negotiate or to pursue different legal avenues and options to reach resolution. The legal process is designed to help parties resolve disputes, including complex construction disputes, and reach the best outcome possible through the best method possible.