Breach of contract lawsuit filed in Louisiana against contractor

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Parties to a contract have rights to be aware of when a contract has been breached. A breach of contract lawsuit was recently filed in Louisiana by an insurer against a building contractor. The insurer for a condominium association has brought a lawsuit for breach of contract against a contractor, asserting that the roof replacement performed by the contractor was faulty. The insurer asserts that the contractor was negligent in its replacement of condominium roofs.

The breach of contract claim brought by the insurer seeks compensation for rainwater damages caused by the allegedly faulty roof replacement. The insurer notes in the lawsuit that rainwater entered into one or more of the condominium units, causing significant damages. The insurer asserts that the rainwater entered into the condominiums through an area of the roof being replaced by the contractor.

In addition to other types of damages, the insurer is seeking $44,158 in damages it paid for the insurance claim, asserting that the damages were caused by the contractor’s breach of contract and applicable warranties. Contracts are an important part of the daily activities of both individuals and businesses and help to regulate the relationships between parties to a contract. When a contract has been breached in some way, including contracts for builders and contractors, it can result in significant damages to the other party.

Knowing how to efficiently respond when a contract has been breached is an important aspect of managing contract relationships. While contract law in general can seem complex, familiarity with the contract process and the proper guidance can better help non-breaching parties effectively recover damages for their losses.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Contractor sued over allegedly faulty roof replacement,” Maxwell Appley, Oct. 1, 2015