Business litigation centers are chef and his namesake restaurant

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In business in Louisiana and across the United States, there can be something of a domino effect. One thing will lead to another and result in business disputes, business litigation, arguments over naming rights and more. Frequently this will emanate from a totally separate issue, but that does not make it any less important. For those who are in the middle of a business dispute, it is imperative to be protected with legal advice from an attorney who is well-versed in all aspects of business law.

A prominent restaurant group that is facing allegations of sexual harassment against its founder is also having an issue with one of the owners of a restaurant under its corporate umbrella. The restaurant is named after the chef-owner. The limited liability company has filed a lawsuit against the chef-owner and is seeking to retain the name and trademark. The chef-owner had filed a federal trademark request to keep the name. A cease-and-desist letter was also sent to the restaurant demanding that the stop using the name.

The LLC states that the success of the chef and his commercial interests is due to the work from the overhead corporation. When the chef-owner stated that he wanted to leave the group, he was dismissed and replaced at the three restaurants he ran and partially owned. The chef subsequently started a company of his own and imported the executive chef from his former places of business. He had tried to buy the restaurant bearing his name from the group. This is being complicated by the group’s attempts to combat sexual harassment allegations on a grand scale.

Businesses, whether it is an individual or an LLC, must make certain they protect themselves from legal issues in which names, trademarks and other factors are in dispute. In this case, a chef and part owner of a restaurant that was part of an LLC tried to leave as the corporation is fighting against significant allegations of harassment across the spectrum. The case is complicated as it is the man’s name on the restaurant and he would like it back. A legal professional can help with cases like these and should be contacted immediately.

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