Construction defects lead to lawsuit against subcontractor

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There is no shortage of large construction projects in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana. Inevitably, there will be issues with these projects. Some are small and can be settled relatively easily without legal intervention. Others, however, blossom into larger-scale disputes and a lawsuit is filed. For the entity being sued, formulating a strong defense for allegations of construction defects and mistakes is not only important in the moment, but it can be critical to the future. A law firm that specializes in defending construction companies facing these complaints is imperative.

A residential building project that has had issues with various areas of its construction is now embroiled in a lawsuit between the general contractor and its subcontractors. Complaints include issues with the sprinkler system, problems with countertops, leaks related to plumbing, and a swimming pool leak. Given the cost of rentals in the building, these problems are unusual in such a major, high-end project. The general contractor’s agreement with the property owner was worth more than $55 million.

The sprinkler system is a major issue as it leaked into a unit on the fourth floor. The lawsuit filed by the contractor is against a company that created the sealant to avoid leaks and against the pipe and pipefitting manufacturer as the two products are not compatible to do what they are supposed to do. The general contractor replaced the piping and paid for it. Residents needed to be checked into hotels – again at the general contractor’s expense – while repairs were done. The countertops also needed to be replaced in every unit. That also sparked a lawsuit. The other problems were not litigated.

When a large project is undertaken, it requires subcontractors and specialists in their various areas of expertise to try and complete it as requested. This does not always go off perfectly and the disagreements and problems might lead to litigation. Subcontractors need to make sure they are protected in these cases by having a law firm that knows who to combat allegations of construction defects and provide a defense for a satisfactory outcome whether that is in court or via settlement.