Famed actor’s charity faces construction defects lawsuit

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It is not unusual for prominent people to try to help when there is a natural disaster or major incident that leaves people in need of shelter. In Louisiana, the mere mention of Hurricane Katrina brings back terrible memories. That storm led to a great number of displaced people. Many entities and individuals took steps to help them. While that help is undoubtedly appreciated, that does not mean all will be well simply because assistance was given. If there are homes constructed and there are defects, whether it was done for a good cause or not will have little to do with a construction defects lawsuit being filed. Knowing how to defend against the allegations is imperative.

After the hurricane, the actor Brad Pitt’s foundation – Make it Right – constructed homes for displaced residents. However, the homes are said to be coming apart and a lawsuit has been filed because the properties are leaving them in danger. Those who own the homes say there is rot, mold and they are even collapsing. In addition, there have been gas leaks and fires. When they were constructed a decade ago, they were considered reasonably priced. The lawsuit asserts that the homes are not up to standard.

The residents expressed their appreciation to the actor and his foundation, but since the homes are in deterioration and leaving people at risk, they felt they had no alternative. With the mortgages and other costs, the situation is unsustainable financially and personally. One issue that is cited is that the homes are not built with the climate of the state in mind. The filing says that the issues became apparent four years ago. They thought Mr. Pitt’s foundation would fix them. There were inspections, but they received no feedback after that. There is also a claim that there was a nondisclosure agreement making arbitration a requirement prior to fixing the properties. The owners say they did not get an adequate explanation about this.

For those who are taking part in projects to help others out of care and generosity, it can be difficult when there are complaints about what was provided and then a subsequent lawsuit. With money at stake and accusations of wrongdoing lodged, a builder must make sure to have legal protection. A law firm that has experience in helping businesses craft a defense when there are allegations of construction defects should be contacted immediately.