Common construction defects to avoid

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Because construction defects can be costly for contractors and developers, it is helpful for them to have an idea how to avoid them, what are some common construction defects and the problems they can lead to. Additionally, it is helpful for them to also be familiar with the legal resources available to help them in circumstances of a construction defect.

Research reveals that three categories of construction defects are about equally common. These categories include deviations from architectural plans, deviations from approved materials and deviations from standard field quality. Construction defects can be patent, immediately visible, or latent, not immediately visible. Statutes of repose, recently discussed on this blog, vary by state and greatly impact timelines and deadlines for claims, as well as limits on the same, so it is helpful to be familiar with what those are.

Common sources of construction defects claims relate to water intrusion from roofs, windows and doors. Construction problems to avoid, that can lead to construction defects and construction defects claims, include improperly designed and constructed roods; improperly installed doors and windows; improperly designed and built decks and balconies; improperly constructed structural components; improperly constructed interior siding; defective foundations and concrete slabs; and improperly installed HVAC and insulation systems.

Because construction defects situations can be time consuming and lead to costly litigation, it is helpful for contractors and developers to know how to respond to claims of a construction defect. Construction defects law is complex so the more contractors and developers can know ahead of time, the better off they will be.