What is a wrongful discharge and what options do employees have?

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Employment Litigation, Firm News

Obtaining and maintaining substantial employment is important to residents in Louisiana and elsewhere. This not only generates financial security but also provides an individual with purpose and satisfaction. Thus, losing a job for unlawful grounds could greatly disrupt a person’s livelihood and reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand the recourses available to an employee for wrongful termination.

What is considered wrongful discharge and what options do employees have? Even when an employee’s employment is “at-will” this does not mean it can be terminated at any time for any reason. If an employee is fired for discriminatory or other illegal grounds, this could open up the possibility for a lawsuit.

However, not all wrongful discharge cases are based on discrimination. An employee could be unlawfully terminated if they are let go in violation of their employment contract. If there is a breach of an employment contract, this could open up possibility for employment litigation. Even more so, if an employee is acting in accordance to public policy or refusing to perform an act because it is illegal and is thus discharged for this action, this could be considered wrongful termination.

Finally, if an employee was terminated for taking time off for events that allow for time off from work, this could provide evidence for a wrongful termination suit. When it is asserted that a wrongful discharge claim has occurred, the employee could seek compensation for any losses and damages suffered in the matter.

Whether you are dealing with this or any other employment law issue, it is imperative to understand what options are available to you to resolve these disputes. This could help the parties involved reach a timely and reasonable resolution while ensuring the employee’s rights are protected at the same time.

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