Past president of Louisiana College brings employment suit

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Dealing with disputes and issues in the work environment is not pleasant and certainly is not easy to deal with. Whether it has been a long-term employment or not, when allegations are being spread about an employee, it is possible that an employer could be held liable for any damages arising from the situation. Because of that, certain steps are taken by an employer to protect them from such a suit.

Currently, employment litigation is taking place among the past and current presidents of Louisiana College. According to recent reports, Joe Aguillard, who was the president of the school for nine years up until 2014, has filed a suit against the school and its current president, Rick Brewer, who took over after him.

Reports indicate the Aguillard was terminated after allegations of a pattern and practice of behavior that undermined the administration of the college. He was also accused of making false and defamatory statements regarding the school, Brewer, the school’s administrators and past and present students at the college.

In his recent claim, Aguillard alleges that Brewer and the private investigator he hired conspired against him and the insurance-underwriting company, RSUI Indemnity Company. He is seeking damages from Brewer for committing assault and battery in order to inflict emotional distress and for breach of contract and conversion. Augillard maintains that a breach of contract claim exists because the college would not pay for his phone bill, costs of supplies and membership costs for the Council for National Policy.

It is believed that this suit will be handled through mediation or arbitration; however, if the parties cannot come to an agreement, they are ready to litigate the matter.

Employment law claims can become complex and overwhelming. The damages arising from such a matter can be extensive, making it an essential claim to bring to action. Those dealing with such situations should understand their rights and what options they have available to them.

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