Woman suing Fox Network for wrongful discharge

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Most people today use email to routinely communicate with family, friends, business associates and more. However, residents in Louisiana and across the nation may not realize that even though email is a fast and convenient way to communicate, using one’s work email for purposes other than those related to one’s job duties may result in them being terminated from their position due to a violation of a work policy.

Recently, a network executive who had worked at the cable network giant Fox for nearly 25 years, lost her job with the company because she used her Fox company email to help with organizing financial help for the missing passengers families of the Malaysian airliner that has gone missing.

The network executive, who was Vice President of Standards and Practices before she was terminated, used her Fox work email account to raise awareness for the financial assistance initiative. By doing that she apparently violated the Fox Cable Networks conduct and communications policy, and that was legitimate grounds for termination according to a Fox Spokesman who would not comment further or go into any details citing privacy concerns.

The network executive however saw her actions differently and believes that there was not any wrong doing on her part. She indicated that she did not want to see the family members of the passengers that were lost on the Malaysian airplane get mired in court proceedings for years. Thus, the idea or hope was to grant them speedy financial assistance during such a difficult time.

However, the network executive allegedly indicated in her communications that accepting any financial aid was conditional. Recipients of any aid would have had to waive their right to a legal remedy. Apparently as soon as Fox Network found out about her initiative, the use of work email to promote this initiative and the condition for recipients to waive their legal recourse, she was fired. The network executive on the other hand believes in her cause, and has continued to promote it. Nonetheless, she believes she was wrongfully terminated from her position, and plans to sue her former employer for wrongful discharge.

When an employee believes that they were unjustly fired or wrongfully discharged, they might have a cause of action. It is best to report the incident so it can be properly investigated. In addition, the terminated employee will understand what documents they should file and what course of actin they should take.

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