Why every construction contractor needs a construction attorney

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Any entrepreneur would benefit from consulting with an attorney in their area of expertise, whether the business is a new start-up or an established corporation. However, construction contractors in particular should consider keeping a construction attorney on retainer for several reasons. Most importantly, he or she can work with you to devise an effective legal strategy both as a protective measure against future claims, as well as in preparation to arbitrate, mediate, or even litigate if necessary.

Construction contractors are faced with multiple potential lawsuits and claims from the first day on a job. Those can include claims of structural defects, construction delays, OSHA violations, defective design, Federal and regulatory issues, or bid disputes just to name a few. Without knowledgeable legal representation, issues such as these can cost a contractor thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the course of a litigation. Reputation is very much at stake as well.

John Dunlap of Dunlap Fiore, LLChas worked in construction law for 20 years, establishing a strong presence in the Baton Rouge community. He specializes in government and military contracts. It is his first priority to settle any construction claim against a client by means of arbitration or mediation where possible. However, when an agreement cannot be reached, he will go to battle for you in the courtroom both vigorously and aggressively litigating your case.

If you are a construction contractor in any scope, call Dunlap Fiore, LLC and allow us to put our knowledge of the construction industry to work for you.