What should an employer know about employment law?

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Both new and long-term business owners in Louisiana may have a number of questions regarding employer-employee relationships, as well as their obligations as an employer under current existing laws. Business owners may not realize it, but many issues that may arise during the course of their business operations may fall under the broad umbrella of employment law.

For instance, at some point during the existence of a business, a business owner may have to deal with employment law issues including but not limited to employment liability claims, employment contracts, employment regulations, claims of wrongful discharge and more. When such complex legal challenges surface it may be beneficial for that business owner to seek the legal knowledge of a law firm familiar with such employment litigation issues who can provide strong and competent employment defense.

Louisiana’s Baton Rouge business community may find it helpful to learn that lawyers at Dunlap Fiore LLC has helped many small to mid-sized businesses deal with most types of employment litigation issues. In fact, we have assisted employers with legal issues including but not limited to layoffs, drafting non-compete agreements, issues surrounding health management and disability leave, preventative practices, employer education options and employer management. Staff at Dunlap Fiore LCC will diligently work to not only protect our clients’ rights as an employer but also formulate a strong defense when necessary.

Our lawyers will try to seek a resolution of the legal matter that is in the best interest of the employer outside of the court through alternate dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration. However, when such out of court options fail to resolve the matter, Dunlap Fiore LLC will competently litigate the matter in court. Our website offers an employment law overview that may help you understand more about our services. It is essential for an employer to keep in mind that when employment law issues arise, they have the option to seek the employment law experience that Dunlap Fiore LLC offers.