We assist Louisianans with their business law needs

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Many people in Louisiana have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that contributes greatly to our state’s economic success. However, starting a business involves more than just a good idea. There are many steps in the business formation process that must be followed for a business in Louisiana to both comply with the law and be successful once it is up and running.

For example, certain businesses, such as corporations and limited liability companies, must have bylaws and register with the state. Certain businesses, such as bars and restaurants, may need to obtain licenses to operate. Businesses may need to establish trademarks as well as develop business models. Some business owners choose to franchise. Basically, it is prudent to ensure that your business has met all the necessary legal requirements before opening its doors. The failure to do so could negatively affect the very viability of your business, sometimes before it even gets off the ground.

At our firm, we have helped businesses small and large with their business law needs. This includes: business formation; drafting contracts; selling assets; drafting bylaws and employee manuals; and providing employment law advice. We may be able to assist with other business transactions as well.

We aim to build strong relationships with our clients. We are results-oriented and believe in taking the time necessary to thoroughly meet our clients’ business law needs. We serve businesses right here in Baton Rouge, and throughout Louisiana. The business law section of our website can provide readers with more information on how we can help them.