Sexual harassment claims continue against restaurant group

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When a business in Louisiana becomes successful, there are certain strategies that must be taken to protect from lawsuits. One issue that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world is allegations of sexual harassment. While these assertions should be taken seriously, there can be a fine line as to what is a violation of employment law and what is not. Focus is frequently on the accuser and rarely on the accused even if there is a gray area or an explanation for what might have occurred. Every business that is confronted with allegations of sexual harassment must protect itself with a qualified law firm.

A litany of accusations is piling up against the Louisiana-based celebrity chef John Besh. Two new women have stated that sexual harassment took place at the restaurant group led by Besh. A report asserts that there was a continuous environment that fostered sexual harassment. Thus far, 25 women have stated that there were various forms of harassing behaviors taking place.

Two have filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC). Among the accusations are uninvited touching from a male worker onto a female worker, requests from Mr. Besh to talk about his sex life, and comments about physical appearance. Mr. Besh stepped down from leading the group in the aftermath of the allegations.

No matter the accusations a business faces, there are strategies that are important to provide protection from various lawsuits. This is a large, multi-level company that employs a great many people. Individuals being accused of certain behaviors does not automatically indicate that the corporate culture encouraged people to violate the law, nor does it mean that all allegations are true. Any business needs to protect itself regardless of the circumstances. Having a law firm that is accustomed to protecting businesses accused of sexual harassment and other employment law violations is essential.

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