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In Louisiana and across the nation, it is impossible to ignore the growing number of allegations against individuals and companies that sexual harassment and other employment law violations have taken place. While these assertions should be taken very seriously and if the parties are found to have committed the acts they should be penalized for them, that does not eliminate a company’s rights to formulate a defense against charges that are unfounded or unproven. This is especially true if there an absence of evidence or there are other issues at play.

Having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in helping companies protect from lawsuits is vital to the success of the business. Part of that is formulating a defense against a litany of charges. When the words “sexual harassment” are said, it denotes ill treatment in a variety of ways. Perhaps a person was coerced to being in a relationship. It might have been untoward comments, a certain look, aggressive behaviors, unwanted touching and more. However, companies in the public and private sector should not automatically be declared guilty simply due to an accusation. The employer might be cast as the villain when these allegations are presented, but it does not immediately mean it is true.

There could be a variety of reasons why a company or an employee is accused of sexual harassment. There could have been a personal relationship that went wrong, something could have been said that was misinterpreted, or it just might not even be an accurate portrayal or is an outright fabrication from the start. A company with this type of issue hanging over its head can see its reputation damaged and long-term problems resulting from it. Having legal assistance is one of the most important decisions they can make.

Perhaps the case could be settled out of court. It is possible that the situation is such that it is necessary to move forward with public defense to show that nothing worthy of employment litigation was committed. Small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford to have their reputation treated in this way. Having legal assistance to defend against all allegations of employment law violations – specifically sexual harassment – is crucial and an experienced law firm can help.