No response from CEO of Madison Parish Hospital about allegations

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Running a corporation is difficult. One of the most difficult parts is hiring and retaining good employees. A corporation must have solid procedures in place at all points of the employees’ tenure at the corporation.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Madison Parish Hospital is being accused of wrongdoing in his management of the hospital. The CEO furthered the allegations by delivering a missive of other complaints totaling almost eight pages at a special meeting that was called. Some of the complaints regarded the overpayment of hospital contracts, having hospital employees perform private non-work-related tasks, the CEO himself taking unreported time off during business hours and the overpayment of contractors training employees, to name a few. The CEO is also being asked whether he lied when he did not mention he was being investigated by the Louisiana Ethics Board when hired by Madison Parish Hospital. The hospital board did not know of this investigation when they hired him and once they found out they placed the CEO on paid leave while they investigate the issue further.

Employment law cases can have many facets. Depending on the case it can involve both state and federal law. Employee discipline can be a very difficult issue in the workplace. A corporation should have a simple and easy to comprehend employee disciplinary procedure. The procedure should be unprejudiced and uniform throughout with regards to all employees. Having a procedure in place allows all employees to know what will happen in the event of discipline. When an employee is actually disciplined it is also important to record in detail the proceedings and place that record in the employee file. Then, if employment litigation does occur, that record will be available. Also, it is important to note that employment disputes do not always lead to litigation; sometimes arbitration or mediation are other available options for resolving the conflict.

There is no such thing as a perfect employer or employee. It is important to have disciplinary procedures in place in case of any issue arising.

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