National Land Reality expands into Louisiana through merger

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Businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere can make major decisions regarding the structure or governance of the business in order to benefit the company. One creative solution that could enhance the overall function and efficiency of a business is a merger and acquisition or M&A. This is a process where two companies are joined together to form a single business entity. Whether a larger company buys a smaller company, which is an acquisition, or a transaction is made to combine two separate businesses, which is a merger, there are several important considerations to make before completing a M&A.

According to report, National Land Reality recently announced that it would be expanding into Arkansas and Louisiana. National Land Reality, which is a full-service land brokerage company, will be merging with a brokerage that is run by Jeramy Stephens, in order to expand the company’s footprint into Arkansas, Louisiana and the Memphis area.

Prior to this announcement, National Land Reality had just completed a merger with Aaron Graham’s Land Pros Realty. According to the CEO of National Land Realty, that merger attracted the attention of national land brokerage leaders and this current merger will help increase the scope of their operation, which will help benefit land sales and investment customers.

Jeramy Stephens believes that this merger with National Land Realty will help expand his business, which is heavily owed to the technology, software and other infrastructures developed by the company. While both companies in this transaction view this merger as a business decision that will greatly benefit both sides, it is important that the goals and interests of both companies and memorialized in an agreement.

An M&A can be a very effective business strategy, however, there are many decisions that must be made and details to consider. Much paperwork goes into an M&A, and the parties to the transaction need to consider their best interests when initiating a merger and acquisition.

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