Louisiana firm awarded contract to manage costal conservation

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According to reports, CSRS, a Baton Rouge firm, was awarded a $1.2 million dollar, three year contract to manage the state of Mississippi’s coastal conservation program. Presently, CSRS is also managing the Coastal Impact Assistance Program in Louisiana, and was highly recommended by Louisiana state employees. Under the contract, the Louisiana firm is expected to manage the State of Mississippi’s CIAP.

About six oil-producing states receive money, which is gathered or collected from offshore oil leases, under the CIAP from the U.S. Department of Interior. Thus, the CIAP program is audited by the U.S. Department of Interior frequently. The state of Mississippi was awarded nearly $100 million in CIAP funds. A little over 100 projects were funded. Currently, approximately 80 of those projects are still open.

The Louisiana firm, CSRS, was brought on board to ensure compliance with guidelines, meet project deadlines and to make sure that all reporting requirements are followed. Further, long-term management plans will be developed for several acquired properties to ensure goals are being met. Under the auspices of CSRS, the hope is that Mississippi’s CIAP will be received in a positive light by the public.

In general, any business that expects to be involved a long term business relationship with the government or another business should be familiar with business law to ensure that all aspects of the business relationship are examined and all options are known prior to any decision making. A healthy working business relationship is essential for not only future business associations but also for a healthy economy.

Source: The Republic, “La. firm awarded $1.2 million, 3 year contract to manage Miss. Coastal conservation program,” Sept. 18, 2013