Louisiana based alarm systems company acquired by ASG Security

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Business deals can be very innovative and lucrative. Selling or acquiring a business could mean huge benefits for those involved with the deal and well as communities, consumers and individuals. Careful planning and attention to detail are crucial when it comes to planning and preparing a business plan. Being fully aware of its contents could help ensure the parties and both ends of the deal can benefit from the deal.

Louisiana residents and homeowners that are interested or thinking about investing in a home security system to prevent burglaries might find it helpful to learn that recently a Louisiana based alarm company announced that it was being acquired by a Maryland based alarm security company.

According to reports, Alarm Detection Systems, a Houma based company that has been around for over three decades and was the leading alarm detection system in the local market, was acquired by ASG Security. ASG is one of the biggest security alarm systems companies in the U.S.

By acquiring Alarm Detection Systems, ASG hopes to grow its business and operations in Louisiana. Reportedly the chief financial officer for ASG noted that since for years the Louisiana customer base was already a part of Alarm Detection system, its staff would help and continue to grow under the auspices of ASG.

With any merger and acquisition, there is always concern about how the restructuring and new management will impact the workforce of the company being acquired. In this case, Alarm Detection System was happy to report that its employees would stay with ASG and help it grow. The companies worked with a mergers and acquisitions group to make the deal happen.

When crucial decisions about the future growth of a business are being made it is always important to have the legal knowledge, and expertise of a business law firm familiar with such transactions to represent, and protect one’s business interests. Particularly when drafting contractual agreements to finalize the deal, having legal representation may be helpful. Furthermore, understanding the regulatory approval aspects, if any, of the merger and acquisition deal may help parties involved ensure that they are in compliance.

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