LA fertilizer plant to get scrubber technology under contract

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For many businesses, installation of efficient air pollution control equipment not only helps that business come in compliance with any existing regulations which may directly impact them, but also helps protect the environment. Such ventures can be a daunting task and require expertise in the field of engineering, and the knowledge base of those familiar with installation of air pollution controls.

As a result of the worldwide availability of raw materials, and low natural gas fuel cost, the construction of new fertilizer production plants in the U.S. has grown. Furthermore, the use of dry fertilizer in various gardening and farming applications has also increased. Louisiana residents and businesses will find it interesting to learn that recently, Heumann Environmental, a Louisville, KY company was awarded a nearly six million dollar contract to provide scrubber technology to two granulated fertilizer plants currently under construction. One fertilizer plant expected to receive this technology is in Donaldsonville, LA.

Heumann Environmental was selected for the job by Kimre, Inc., a Miami, FL based company that manufactures mesh technology for process fluid separation and air pollution control. Heumann designs, builds and installs customized air pollution control ventilation systems. The company is expected to design and build a scrubber containing Kimre’s media. Heumann Environmental is expected to perform over the next ten months under this deal.

Contractual relationships as the one above are a routine part of a business. For the success of the project, such contracts may require the legal expertise of an experienced business law firm to examine the terms of the contract. It is important in such business transactions for all sides to ensure that they understand not only their expectations under the contract but also the consequences of non-performance or the inability to complete the project on time. From the outset, it is important to draft and execute a legally sound contract.

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