How To Protect Your Construction Business Against A Defect Claim

On Behalf of Dunlap Fiore, LLC |

Construction projects are long and meticulous, but your involvement as a contractor does not end when your crew leaves the site for the final time. You might still be on the hook for any construction defects that future property owners or lessees may attempt to claim.

When you undertake a contract, you also take on the responsibility of constructing a building that is safe to use. However, that does not mean you have to accept a defect claim without defending yourself. By taking the appropriate steps, you can safeguard your construction business from defect claims that might otherwise harm your reputation and finances.

Keep Thorough Records And Documentation

Keeping detailed records at every single step of the construction process is the best way to protect yourself from liability. Building plans, worker schedules, and even meeting documentation can all be evidence in the case of a claim. Inspection reports are of the utmost importance, as these can prove that the building is free of defects as of your business’s last involvement with the site.

Reduce Exposure To Risk

Keeping the right liability insurance for your construction business can lessen the financial blow if a valid defect claim does arise. You can further reduce the risk of faulty construction early on by choosing to only work with other contractors and subcontractors who also hold the relevant insurance policies.

The mere mention of a defect can do damage to your construction business and its reputation. Ensure the continued success of your firm by taking every necessary precaution against defect claims.