Helping you remedy contract disputes

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Minor and major business agreements are made everyday in Louisiana and elsewhere. While these contracts are often entered into and executed without a hitch or any issues, other contracts present some problems for the parties involved. In some cases, one or more parties to the agreement may not be upholding their duties or fulfilling their obligations. These matters often turn into a serious contract dispute, making it difficult for the purpose of the agreement to be met.

At Dunlap Fiore, LLC, our legal team understands that various obstacles and issues could present themselves when a contract is entered into, and our attorneys are dedicated to serving clients in the Baton Rouge area. Whether it is a one-time agreement or a re-occurring contract, we are prepared to provide our expertise at any stage.

Even if you are in the business of dealing with numerous contracts on a daily basis, a new and complex agreement could cause several questions to arise. Because of that, we are available to provide contract reviews, helping businesses meet their needs and protect their rights and interests when entering a contract.

When a party is not fulfilling their duties spelled out by a contract, it is likely that a contract dispute will evolve. Our experienced attorneys have the skills and resources to guide our clients through their available options so a resolution can be made. In some matters, mediation could serve to remedy the matter. However, in matters where there is a breech of contract, litigation might be more suitable.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s contract dispute website. Encountering any pitfalls or mishaps in the overall function of a business can be frustrating, However, those dealing with contract disputes should understand that there are options available to them. Taking steps to address any disputes and disruptions in a business will help you better meet your overall business goals and objectives.