Helping businesses navigate employment liability matters

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While it is common for legal issues to present themselves in the normal course of business, business owners in Louisiana or elsewhere might encounter more pressing internal legal issues. Because employees are the backbone of a company, it is essential to properly and timely address any disputes or concerns that might arise. This not only helps diffuse these problems but also helps the overall function of the business.

Whether the company is a small, mid-size or large company, our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of Louisiana businesses, helping them generate the strongest defense plan against any form of employment litigation that might arise. At Dunlap Fiore, LLC, our law firm is committed to meeting the needs of our clients, so they can remedy any employment liability claims presently against them.

Whether a dispute initiated because of mass layoffs, the terms of a non-compete agreement, disability leave or other employment related matters, it is important that businesses are aware of employer liability defense options. Our legal team has the skills and resources to determine the issues at hand, helping clients navigate and manage these disputes. Whether the next step is negotiation, arbitration or litigation, we have successfully advocated for past clients, helping them making the strongest defense possible.

To learn more, check out our employment litigation webpage. Employers should take the time to protect their rights while also serving the interests of their company and their employees. Being fully informed of the options available will help business take timely and appropriate steps to address any employment liability matters.