Helping businesses determine if a merger is the right move

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Once a small business or company is established, there are several major events that could greatly impact the life of that business. One of those events is a merger & acquisition or M&A. When a business decides to merge with another business or acquire another business, this action not only effects the overall functioning of the business, but also impacts the many stakeholders involved. Shareholders, directors, managers, employees and customers could all feel the effects of a merger or an acquisition. Therefore, these processes should be carefully and intelligently entered into.

At Dunlap Fiore, LCC, we have the knowledge and skills to meet the business goals of those in the Baton Rouge area. Whether it is a new or old company, our legal team takes the time to fully understand the objectives of our clients, helping them achieve their business goals.

This area of business law can be rather complex. Nonetheless, with over 45 years of experience, our attorneys are able to apply their expertise to any business law matter, helping our clients successfully navigate complex issues. We are a results-oriented firm, and seek to provide the services necessary for small businesses can companies considering a merger or acquisition. This could entail drafting documents such a purchasing agreement. Additionally, our legal team can play a vital role in the valuation process and help represent businesses during negotiations or complex business transactions.

To learn more, check out our mergers & Acquisitions website. This webpage could provide general information about these processes, helping businesses determine if a M&A is the right move. A merger or an acquisition could be a very beneficial move for a business. But, if it is not properly carried out, this could harm or hinder the potential success of the company.