Dow Chemical to expand operations in Louisiana

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The expansion of business operations not only creates jobs and help churn the economy but also helps a business grow in a competitive market. Louisiana residents will find it interesting to learn the Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that Dow Chemical Company plans on investing over one billion dollars to build two new plants in Louisiana. Further, Dow plans on making improvement at its existing manufacturing facility already in Louisiana.

The Louisiana expansion is expected to create over a thousand temporary jobs in construction and a little over 70 permanent jobs at the new plants. Further, the governor’s office indicated that the new plants will likely create over 400 indirect jobs and nearly 150 contractor jobs. The new plants and improvements at the current facility in Louisiana are expected to increase the company’s ability to produce ethylene which is used to make plastics .

Presently, Dow is the largest employer in several Louisiana communities and the new facilities will further provide many more jobs to Louisiana residents. The state is expected to provide Dow with a nearly three million dollar Modernization Tax Credit to improve existing facility and access to workforce training programs. The construction of the plants is tentatively expected begin at the end of this year.

Hopefully, the new plants will benefit both the company and the residents of Louisiana. Generally, during any expansion of business operations, it is important for a business to examine all aspects of a business decision to grow such as costs, contracts, tax implications and more. It is important for a business to work with an experienced business law firm to ensure that all legal considerations pertaining to the business expansion are closely examined and scrutinized to ensure a positive and beneficial decision is made.

Source: The Times Picayune, “Dow to invest over $1 billion in Louisiana operations,” Lauren McGaughy, Aug. 27, 2013