Contract disputes against Baton Rouge casino claim $70 million

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Recently, it was reported that the L’Auberge Casino & Hotel Baton Rouge has been sued by four separate companies in the past three months. The complex is located in Baton Rouge and owned by Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. These claims of breach of contract surround the construction of the casino, which has now opened its door to the public.

According to the reports, Wilhite Electric Co. Inc, which is located in Bossier City, has sued the casino for $8.5 million dollars of work that they allege remains unpaid in their contract dispute. The general contractor, Manhattan Construction Co., has also reportedly been involved in a contract dispute with the casino although it is unknown how much they are claiming is owed to them.

The reports indicate that there appear to be claims totaling approximately $70 million against the casino. This is based on the liens that have been filed in court against the company. The casino has not commented on the pending litigation and their position regarding these disputes is not known at this time. Manhattan, the general contractor, claims that it has paid the subcontractors all the funds Pinnacle gave them.

Contract disputes involving construction matters can be particularly complex and difficult to navigate. This is particularly true for those that involve multiple parties and contractors, such as this one. As a business owner, it is extremely important to gather as much information as possible prior to pursuing an action involving a contract dispute.

An experienced business litigation attorney can employ many legal strategies to obtain the best possible result in these complex business law matters.

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