Acquisition of The Shaw Group Inc. is complete

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Mergers and acquisitions of corporations can have far reaching effects on the lives of many individuals. In fact, mergers and acquisitions are one of the most powerful and influential aspects of business law in the state of Louisiana. Recently The Shaw Group Inc., a large and vital engineering company in the state of Louisiana, was acquired by CB&I, a company with over 23,000 employees all around the world.

The deal to acquire The Shaw Group was approved by the shareholders of both corporations a few months ago. These two companies combined currently employ approximately 50,000 individuals around the world.

Approximately 4,000 individuals in Louisiana are currently employed by The Shaw Group Inc. Up until this recent acquisition, the headquarters of The Shaw Group had been located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It has now been reported that the headquarters will be moved to Woodlands, Texas.

A large acquisition such as this one can sometimes lead to cuts in employment. Although there are not yet any reports of layoffs, it is often a concern for local residents when such an acquisition occurs. At the very least, some of the individuals employed at headquarters may need to relocate from Louisiana to Texas as a result of this merger.

Successful mergers and acquisitions of businesses of any size are complex and difficult to navigate. It is important to obtain as much information regarding the ramifications of such a deal long before it takes place. These types of mergers and acquisitions require the expertise of an experienced business law attorney who can be an invaluable resource in this complicated process. An experienced business law attorney can protect the interests of its client and obtain the best possible result in these types of matters.

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