3 Ways To Minimize Construction Bid Issues And Disputes

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Construction projects are typically complex endeavors with many people having a stake in the success of the build, including the owner, contractor and any other stakeholders. The bidding process is a crucial part of the success of the project.

Bidding issues may result from disputes, misunderstandings or legal violations. Knowing ways to minimize these bid issues can help ensure that projects finish within budget and on time.

1. Thoroughly Vetting Bids

After conducting the bidding process fairly and transparently, it is vital to evaluate each bid carefully. The process requires a thorough understanding of the construction project and the work involved. Reviewing the project’s requirements, the owner must determine if the contractor’s credentials match the scope of work and the project’s proposed schedule. The quality of the proposal also matters and should have minimal to no errors or omissions.

2. Respond Timely To Bid Protests

Bid protests happen when someone challenges the award of the construction process. Sometimes a contractor might believe that the bidding process was not fair. Promptly addressing bid protests with a detailed explanation of the decision helps avoid further disputes.

3. Manage Change Orders

Change orders to the project may affect the construction process as well. A change order essential extends the contract to cover the new scope of work. Properly managing these changes ensures they do not lead to cost overruns or delays. To avoid potential legal issues, it is essential to set a protocol for requesting and approving change orders.

Handling the bidding process professionally, reasonably and efficiently can help ensure that construction projects go smoothly with minimal issues.