3 issues that may sidetrack a construction job

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As a construction professional, you need to prepare yourself for stumbling blocks. You may encounter some issues that will temporarily halt a job, or worse, cause you grief after it is complete.

Some construction issues are unavoidable, while others may prove preventable. Discover three such roadblocks you may encounter on or after a project.

1. The plans were incorrect

You rely on the architect to prepare proper building plans. However, this is not always the case. A design defect may appear either during building or at a later date. Either way, a design flaw may cost you in the short and long term. If something does not measure up, question it sooner rather than putting it off.

2. The materials failed

There are sometimes defects with the materials used. These failures may manifest in the form of cracks in a foundation or sagging beams. When this happens after you finish a job, you may have no choice but to replace it or face a lawsuit. You may prevent this is by using the highest quality materials from a reputable supplier rather than cutting corners.

3. The owner does not pay

You likely have specific financial benchmarks that you count on to move into the next phase. You need to pay workers and purchase materials to finish the job. When the person who hired you does not pay timely or at all, you may want to consider filing a breach of contract claim. If the terms of your agreement are specific and lawfully drafted, then you should either get the money owed or get a judge to release your contractual obligations.

You take your duty seriously to not only protect your business but to build a structure that stands the test of time.