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Mechanic's liens may be an option when contractors are not paid

The many parties to a construction project -- project owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers -- generally contract with one another to provide goods or services in exchange for payment. It would be nice to think that all construction projects in Louisiana run without a hitch and everyone is paid on time. However, this doesn't always happen. There are legal remedies for this, however, including the filing of a lien.

Who is liable for contractor negligence under construction law?

We would like to believe that most construction projects in Louisiana will be completed without a hitch, but construction work can be dangerous, and it is not uncommon for a worker to be injured on the job. Specifically, when it comes to independent contractors, it is important to understand who is liable for injuries workers suffer while performing their job duties.

How do estimates differ from bids under construction law?

The average person in Louisiana might use the terms "estimate" and "bid" as synonyms. However, when it comes to construction law, these terms have very specific meanings, as they refer to different steps in determining what the contractor's costs will be, and what the contractor will ultimately charge for their services.

What happens under construction law if a contractor is not paid?

A mechanic's lien is an important aspect of construction projects in Baton Rouge. Mechanic's liens serve as a guaranty that builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and construction firms will be paid for the work they do before any other claims are satisfied, should the property be foreclosed upon or repossessed.

When is it necessary for contractors in Louisiana to be licensed?

In general, contractors for commercial construction projects in Louisiana will hire subcontractors to perform various tasks. This ensures that these tasks are completed by those with specialized training and knowledge. However, it is also important that contractors have the requisite licenses under Louisiana construction law before work on the project begins.

Louisiana court allows pipeline construction project to continue

An appellate court in Louisiana has permitted the construction of a pipeline through the state's wetlands to proceed. The lawsuit began in 2017 and claimed that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources improperly granted a permit for the "Bayou Bridge Pipeline" project, claiming the project would affect protected wetlands and lacked a proper emergency evacuation route. The district court agreed with the plaintiffs, and halted work on the project until the appellate court issued a decision.

Construction law governs the process of subcontracting

Construction projects in Baton Rouge are often overseen by a general contractor. However, because the nature of these projects are so complex, general contractors often form agreements with subcontractors who will perform specific tasks. The subcontractor reports to the general contractor while the general contractor will still be ultimately responsible for seeing that the project is completed on time and in the manner agreed upon.

What types of contracts are there under construction law?

Construction projects in Louisiana are exciting, but they can also be complex. This is due in part to the fact that the project owner, builder and other parties will enter into various types of contracts with one another that will govern how the project will be completed and paid for. In general, there are four types of construction contracts that may play a part in any given contract.

Why might Louisiana contractors benefit from subcontracting?

Construction projects can be complex undertakings involving many parties. Of course, there is the property owner, but in addition there are usually general contractors and third-party subcontractors involved in these projects. It is important to understand the roles general contractors and subcontractors play in the execution of a construction project in Louisiana, as their classification may have significant legal ramifications.

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