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The law firm of Dunlap Fiore, LLC, provides straightforward and effective legal solutions for businesses, government entities, construction contractors, insurance companies and other business entities in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, the state of Louisiana, and nationwide.

Our practice is diverse and led by a team of experienced Baton Rouge attorneys who fully understand how to create effective and practical legal solutions for our clients. We represent clients in the legal areas of:

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We build trustworthy and strong relationships with our clients from the moment they decide to retain our services. Our attorneys approach every client’s situation with sincerity and honesty, and they work to achieve the best possible results. We are highly accessible and promote open communication throughout every step of the legal process. Our results-oriented and straightforward approach keeps your best interests at the forefront at all times.

As experienced and effective negotiators, we attempt to reach resolutions through arbitration or mediation. Reaching an agreement outside the courtroom is likely in both parties’ best interests. If an agreement cannot be reached and all routes for negotiations have been exhausted, we are fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights and interests through litigation.

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