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Patent versus latent construction defects

A construction project in Louisiana can be a complex affair involving many parties doing many different tasks. As such, it is sometimes the case that construction defects occur. A construction defect is something that goes wrong in the construction process that causes some aspect of the structure to fail in a way that causes another party to suffer financially.

What are some common types of construction defects?

While a lot of work and planning may take place when a company erects a structure in Louisiana, that doesn't mean mistakes won't be made. Sometimes a construction defect takes place that compromises the safety, stability and ultimately the usability of the structure. Construction defects can be divided into four general categories: design defects, material defects, construction defects and subsurface defects.

How long can one take to bring a breach of contract claim?

When a Louisiana property owner alleges that there was some defect in the construction of the property, he or she may want to pursue a lawsuit against the contractor. Contractors facing such actions should understand how patent versus latent defects affect how long a property owner has to bring a construction defect claim based on breach of contract.

What are some common types of construction defects?

In a perfect world, commercial construction projects would be completed exactly how the parties to the project envision them. However, when project owners, contractors and subcontractors in Louisiana combine efforts in a commercial construction project, things do not always run as smoothly as they might hope. There are a variety of construction defects that could arise in the course of completing a construction project.

Pursuing a satisfactory resolution to construction defect claims

A construction project in Louisiana can involve many parties, including the project owner, designers, lenders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and even government agencies, to name a few. All these parties must work together to make the project a success. Sometimes, however, a party does not competently fulfill their duties, leading to construction defects.

What can be done about a construction defect?

When beginning a business, the first thing Louisiana residents are likely looking for is a good site to begin construction upon or a good building to start one's company up in. When a building that fits the description of what is being sought, it might seem too good to be true. However, if there are construction defects then it probably is too good to be true.

Construction defects include dry rot and wet rot

When a commercial structure is being erected in Louisiana, there are usually many parties involved in the project. There is the project owner, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and more. Specifically, when it comes to suppliers, those who contract with them expect their goods will not be defective. Unfortunately, construction defects are sometimes found in the supplies used to build a structure. Today we will take a look at two types of defects that can be found in wood used to construct a building: dry rot and wet rot.

Don't wait too long to bring a construction defect claim

When a Louisiana business hires construction contractors to erect a building, or when a contractor works with a subcontractor to complete a construction project, it is expected that there will be no defects in the final structure. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made or unsafe short-cuts are taken that lead to construction defects. Businesses, contractors, and subcontractors in such situations may wish to take legal action against the responsible parties. However, they should keep in mind that they have a limited amount of time in which to do so.

What if construction defects lead to toxic mold?

When there are construction defects in Louisiana, there are times when a simple call to the company that built the structure or worked on it can be called to fix it and there is no dispute, no disagreement, and no need to file a lawsuit. However, there are certain issues that are dangerous and can cause injuries and illness. One that should be concerning and might warrant a legal filing is toxic mold.

Allegations of construction defects must be strongly defended

Louisiana construction is a booming business in the public and private sector, commercial and residential. Companies that provide a variety of services in the construction industry will seek to maintain and expand their business by doing quality work. Of course, every business requires legal protection from allegations of errors or construction defects. These happen quite often. When working in this industry, it is imperative to have that strong defense if the issue in dispute is not the fault of the construction company as there are multiple negative impacts that can come from a legal filing.

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